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MAT Drug Court

Court proceedings

The Cuyahoga County Drug Court program was established in May of 2009 with Judge David T. Matia presiding. The mission of the Drug Court Program is to provide judicial intervention, treatment and intensive supervision to individuals who have committed criminal felonies as a direct or indirect result of their substance use disorders.  The Adult Drug Court Program was created through Local Rule 30.2 for assignments of criminal cases to drug court dockets.

The goal of the drug court program is to break the cycle of recidivism by addressing an offender’s drug dependency and criminogenic risk through evidence based treatment and programming. 

The Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) Drug Court, currently presided over by Judge David T. Matia, serves individuals with an opioid use disorder, and was initially created in 2015 a response to Ohio’s opioid pandemic.


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Contact Information

Drug Court Coordinator
Molly Leckler
Drug Court Coordinator
(216) 443-2154


Specialty Docket Administrator

Meghan Patton

(216) 443-5468 (P)
(216) 443-3044 (F)