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Forms and Annual Reports

Assigned Counsel Forms

In order to serve on the Assigned Counsel List, please complete the appropriate Application. 

Certifications are explained in Court Rule 33.  For example, in order defend 4th and 5th felonies you must either tried one Jury Trial to Verdict or assisted in two Jury Trials to Verdict.

You are required to renew your application to serve every two years to remain on the list.

Beginning February 1, 2024, all counsel currently on the approved list to represent indigent defendants must file a new application by MARCH 7, 2024. Failure to comply with this provision of Local Rule 33 will cause an attorney‘s name to be removed from the approved list and make them ineligible for assignment.

The new certifications can also be found on our website in Local Rule 33.0 Assignment and Compensation of Counsel to Defend.

If you have any questions please contact Christine Pepoy at 216-443-8563.