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Common Pleas Court Judges

Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold

Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold

Courtroom: 21-B
Fax: (216) 348-4033

Lawrence R. Wallace
(216) 443-8735

Staff Attorney:

Hallie S. Turnberrez
(216) 443-8615

On Common Pleas Bench Since: 1995
Admitted to Bar: 1977
Born: 1951
Residence: Bratenahl
High School: Montclair High School, New Jersey
College: Central State University
Law School: Cleveland State University College of Law

Legal Experience:

Judge, Cleveland Municipal Court (1987-1994); Staff Attorney - Legal Aid Society (Criminal Division).

Litigation Preferences



Attorneys and pro se litigants are expected to be familiar with this Court’s litigation preferences and requirements. They are also expected to be familiar with the Local Rules as well as the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure.

Attorneys should be prepared to discuss settlement at the earliest opportunity. Mediation and arbitration will be used in cases where appropriate. Court endeavors to resolve cases within one year of filing, absent extraordinary circumstances.

Pro se litigants are, by law, presumed to know the law and correct procedure (and must accept the results of their errors).

Counsel moving for default judgment is to send notice to the defendant at least fourteen (14) days in advance of the default hearing. Notice may be sent via certified or regular U.S. mail. Failure to send the appropriate notice letter will result in denial of the Motion.


Attorneys are to be present in person at case management conferences. All named parties are to be present, in person, along with counsel at all settlement conferences, pretrials, and on the day of trial. Telephone appearance is not permitted for any reason, regardless of whether or not a party resides out of state.

Motion Practice

Please direct calls relating to scheduling, motions, and deadlines to the Judge's Staff Attorney. Motions in Limine and stipulations should be in writing filed seven days prior to trial. Courtesy copies to be delivered to the Court upon filing. Reply and surreply briefs are allowed with leave of court. Any party filing a motion electronically that is more than ten (10) pages in length, is to additionally forward a time-stamped copy of that motion to the Court immediately upon filing.


This court sets a paper discovery cut-off date. All parties must have completed admissions interrogatories and production of documents by this date. Dates are not set for IME's, other examinations and depositions.

Settlement Conference

Conference: All parties with settlement authority must be present at the settlement conference and the final pretrial. Failure of plaintiff to appear shall result in dismissal of his case with prejudice pursuant to Civil Rule 41(b). Failure of defendant to appear may result in a default judgment or judgment being rendered. This court holds a settlement conference after the close of paper discovery. All parties with settlement authority must be present, including adjusters.

Calendaring and Continuances

Discovery deadlines may be extended by motion as long as such extensions do not hinder the current scheduled trial date.


The trial date set shall be set without any known trial conflicts at the case management conference. Continuances of the trial date are a rarity. All motions in limine, exhibit lists, witness lists, and proposed jury instructions shall be filed and walked up to the judge's chambers seven days prior to trial. Adjusters to be present on trial date for settlement purposes.

Recent Opinions

Title Case Number
Larry Koval v. Admr., Ohio Bureeau of Employment Services 416735
Jordan v. Bureau of Worker's Compensation 604043
Global Country of World Peace v. The City of Mayfield Heights 655897
Sivinski v. Kelly(2) 595064
Harvey v. Ravida 727247
State of Ohio v. Tatum 577464(CR)
State of Ohio v. Ahmed 437437(CR)
State of Ohio v. Porter 572699(CR)
Freeman v. Pedrick 767279
Shemo v. City of Mayfield Heights 291595
Sivinski v. Kelly(1) 595064
Fiorilli Construction; Nationwide Mutual Fire Ins Co v A. Bonamase Contracting 683295 696897
State of Ohio v. Thompkins 599262(CR)
Vining v.. Kohrman Jackson Krantz 771803
State of Ohio v. Fidel Kemp 537239(CR)
State of Ohio v. Gregory Cochran 540044(CR)
State of Ohio v. Evans 577186(CR)
State of Ohio v. Thompkins 599262(CR)
Vining v.. Kohrman Jackson Krantz 771803
State of Ohio v. Fidel Kemp 537239(CR)
State of Ohio v. Gregory Cochran 540044(CR)
State of Ohio v. Evans 577186(CR)
Simko v. MBNA 664661
State of Ohio v. Darryl Durr 229934(CR)
State v. Shawn Collins 488472

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