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Common Pleas Court Judges

Judge Maureen E. Clancy

Courtroom: 20-B
Fax: (216) 348-4034

(216) 443-8696

Staff Attorney:

Lauren Orrico

(216) 698-2892

On Common Pleas Bench Since: 2011
College: St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana
Law School: Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Litigation Preferences


Case management conferences will be held by phone unless the parties request otherwise. Pursuant to Civ.R. 26, the parties must meet and confer no later than 21 days before the CMC. The parties must file a discovery plan within 14 days of their conference. Each party must provide initial disclosures to the other parties by the date of the CMC unless the parties stipulate to a later date. The Court and the parties will set a litigation schedule -- including pretrial conferences and settlement conferences -- at the CMC.


Settlement conferences and pretrial conferences may be held by phone, Zoom, or in person by agreement of the parties. Parties may request additional pretrial conferences with the Court at any time.


Parties are to contact the Court to schedule a telephone conference prior to filing any motion to compel.


The Court prefers any requests for modifications to or extensions of the litigation schedule to be filed with the Clerk.


Parties are to provide the Court with courtesy copies of all motion in excess of 10 pages.


Pursuant to Civ.R. 6(c), amended as of July 1, 2019, responses to motions for summary judgment are due within 28 days of service of the motion for summary judgment, and replies are due within 7 days after service of the response. A paper courtesy copy of all dispositive motions, exhibits, and deposition transcripts shall be hand-delivered to the court upon filing of the motion.


Responses to all non-summary judgment motions, except motions in limine, are due within 14 days of service of the motion. Any replies are due within 7 days. Parties are to confer regarding non-dispositive motions before filing and indicate the parties' agreement where possible. Any motion filed without the consent of all other parties will be denied if the motion does not leave time for the other parties to respond pursuant to Civ.R. 6(c).


All parties are to submit trial briefs, witness and exhibit lists, stipulated jury instructions, motions in limine, and interrogatories to the Court at least 10 days before trial. If necessary, the Court will schedule a date to review deposition objections prior to trial. The Court does not impose any time limits on voir dire, opening statements, or closing arguments.