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HOPE Court Graduates First Client

HOPE Court Graduates First Client

The HOPE (Helping Others Prosper Everyday) Drug Court celebrated its first graduate on Wednesday, January 7.


Hope Court was created to provide additional opportunity for those who are at high risk of re-arrest, have longer criminal histories and struggle with moderate to severe substance use disorders. HOPE Court was created when the Common Pleas Judges amended Local Rule 30.2. The Honorable William T. McGinty was appointed to preside over HOPE Court at the passing of the amended Local Rule.


Judge McGinty told the assembled crowd that the program is not easy, but it makes a difference in people’s lives. The inaugural graduate addressed the current clients by saying, “I’m proud of myself. The more I stayed, the better I felt about it, that I could do it.”


HOPE Court follows National Adult Drug Court Best Practices by providing “holistic approach that goes beyond simply treating substance use disorders.” Together, with a multidisciplinary team, HOPE Court provides treatment, accountability and resources to reduce the risk of being re-arrested in the future and return a healthy citizen back to the community.


HOPE Court is one of four specialty Drug Court dockets in the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.