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Dr. Aronoff Recieves Public Servant Award

Dr. Aronoff Recieves Public Servant Award

Each year, the Court has the honor of nominating one of our employees for the Franklin A. Polk Public Servants Merit Award. This year, it is my pleasure to announce that the 2022 recipient is Dr. Michael Aronoff.


The Polk award recognizes non-elected employees from city, county, state and federal offices for their outstanding service to the legal profession. The Foundation sets these requirements for the award: a minimum of 20 years of service to the organization; demonstrated devotion to duty; a record of giving wise counsel to the public and attorneys; and evidence of a desire to help the public and members of the Bench and Bar.


Dr. Aronoff’s tenure with the Court began on August 12, 1996, as the Associate Director of the Psychiatric Clinic. Since that time, Dr. Aronoff has held the titles of Chief Psychologist, Interim Clinic Director, and currently, Clinic Director. During the past 28 years, he has navigated the many changes demanded by ever-changing laws, while directing and supporting the staff of the Clinic.


The Psychiatric Clinic plays a critical role in the Court. Skilled psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers evaluate a defendant’s competence to stand trial, the ability to understand the charges against them, and the ability to participate in the process. The Clinic experts also assess criminal responsibility and make a variety of mental health recommendations to the Court.


Born in Cincinnati, Dr. Aronoff and his wife, Julie, have two grown children, Abigail and Bess. He is a graduate of The Ohio State University, with his Psy.D. coming from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. Dr. Aronoff is a long-standing member of the Ohio Forensic Directors Association, where other clinic directors often call upon his expertise. Dr. Aronoff also displayed exceptional leadership during COVID and he continues to be a mentor to our clinical sta


The Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Foundation celebrated this year’s Franklin A. Polk Public Servants Merit Award recipients on Thursday, September 8, with a ceremony and reception. If you weren't able to attend, you can stream it via the link below.


Please join me in congratulating Dr. Michael Aronoff as our Court’s Franklin A. Polk Public Servants Merit Award recipient this year. It is a well-deserved honor, and we are proud to have Dr. Aronoff as a part of our Court family. 




Judge Brendan J. Sheehan (Administrative and Presiding Judge)