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Deputy Court Administrator Now Certified Court Executive

Deputy Court Administrator Now Certified Court Executive

Deputy Court Administrator Andrea Kinast has received her Certified Court Executive credentials after completing a multi-year curriculum developed by the Court Management Program.


Offered through a partnership between the Ohio Supreme Court’s Judicial College and the National Center for State Courts Institute for Court Management, the Court Management Program addresses specific training needs of court leaders.


Kinast previously completed a three-year program to become a Certified Court Manager. By completing the Level II Executive certification program, she received extensive training on topics such as strategic planning, leadership, and court community communication.


Kinast joined the Court in 2004 and has held numerous positions, including staff attorney and Director of the Court’s Foreclosure Mediation Program. Kinast was named Deputy Court Administrator for Court Operations in 2015. In that capacity, she works closely with Court Administrator Greg Popovich and Administrative Judge Brendan J. Sheehan to maintain the Court’s daily operations, while devising strategic plans for the Court’s future.


“We are so fortunate to have Andrea as a Deputy Court Administrator,” says Judge Sheehan. “Her knowledge of the Court and its operations is vital, and her ability to work with others to continue our forward-looking agenda is second-to-none. I congratulate her on becoming a Certified Court Executive.”


Kinast is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University and received her law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of  Law in 2003.