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Criminal Justice Council Announced

Criminal Justice Council Announced

Cleveland: The stakeholders in the Cuyahoga County criminal justice system have established the Cuyahoga County Criminal Justice Council (CJC).

The executive committee has signed a collaboration agreement and the CJC looks to make a positive difference in the local criminal justice system by communicating, coordinating, planning and advocating for system improvements, programs, and polices in the interests of advancing justice, fairness and public safety.

The attached collaboration agreements spells out the mission and goals of the CJC. Some of the key items are bringing together key decision makers on a regular basis to openly discuss issues that affect the criminal justice system; to identify problems and issues, and to proactively address those issues through planning, coordination, and cooperation; generate data that increases knowledge of the criminal justice system and strengthens decision-making; and initiating programs and policies which enhance the functionality of the criminal justice system and increase public safety.

Beyond just the executive committee, another three dozen organizations are involved in the council membership and committees.

The first public meeting will be scheduled in October, but the CJC members will begin their discussions ahead of that event.

CJC Agreement

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