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Court Reporters Shine In Competition

Court Reporters Shine In Competition


The Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Reporters had an impressive showing at the Hagestrom Cup Speed Contest held at the recent Ohio Court Reporters Association (OCRA) seminar!

With the exception of 2020 due to COVID-19, the annual competition for speed and accuracy is held for Court Reporters from all over the state of Ohio.  Every year, a number of our Court Reporters, past and present, have placed high among all challengers.  In fact, after winning the event three times in a row, Court Reporters are not eligible to participate in the competition any longer (also known as “Retiring the Cup”).  Special recognition to Suzanne Vadnal and Nancy Nunes for Retiring the Cup on behalf of the Court.  Robert Lloyd and Tim Meinke join Suzanne and Nancy as past Cup winners of this event.


Below are the results from the Hagestrom Cup Speed Contest for 2021:  


Literary at 200 words per minute:


2nd place, 97.18% accuracy, Timothy Meinke


Jury Charge at 240 words per minute:


6th place - 96.33% accuracy, Mary Schuler

5th place - 97.75% accuracy, Ilene White

3rd place - 98.33% accuracy, Timothy Meinke


Overall Results:


2nd place, Timothy Meinke


Congratulations to this year’s winners and our team of the best Court Reporters in the State!