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Court Reporters Compete!

Court Reporters Compete!

The Ohio Court Reporters Association had their annual seminar March 25 and 26 in Columbus where the 2023 Hagestrom Cup Speed Contest was held. This is a three-part test consisting of a literary portion at 200 words per minute, a legal opinion at 240 words per minute, and Q and A at 280 words per minute. Traditionally, a number of our court reporters qualify for placement in the different categories which is a large achievement in of itself!


Please join us in congratulating Mary Schuler (not pictured) for finishing in third place overall! Tim Meinke (far left in photo below) and Ilene White (beside Tim) also qualified in the categories below:


Literary - 200 WPM Accuracy


6th place Ilene White - 97.81%

7th place Timothy Meinke - 97.63%

9th place Mary Schuler - 97%


Legal Opinion - 240 WPM Accuracy


4th place Timothy Meinke - 98.33

4th place Mary Schuler - 98.33

7th place Ilene White - 97.83


Q & A - 280 WPM Accuracy


2nd place Mary Schuler 98.57

3rd place Ilene White 98.14

5th place Timothy Meinke 97.50


Mary Schuler's overall third place had a combined percentage 97.96!


Please join us in congratulating our Court Reporters who qualified for placement in the 2023 Hagestrom Cup Speed Contest. These results once again solidify why this Court has the best group of Court Reporters not only in the State but also in the country!