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Court Empanels January 2023 Grand Juries

Court Empanels January 2023 Grand Juries


The Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court has impaneled three new grand juries. A grand jury consists of 14 citizens selected from the public. Each of the three panels meet twice a week for four months, on different days and times.


A Judge from the Common Pleas Court can appoint a foreperson for their grand jury or select one from the jury pool. For this session, Judge Shirley Strickland Saffold selected Donna Kelso Nelson of Cleveland. Judge Andrew Santoli’s foreperson is Jasmine Callahan of East Cleveland. The other members of Judge Santoli’s grand jury selected Ms. Callahan. Judge Michael Shaughnessy’s grand jury selected Anthony Stephens of South Euclid as their foreperson. The current grand juries will meet through the end of May.  


During these proceedings, which are not open to the public by law, only the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office presents witnesses and evidence. The grand jury then decides if probable cause exists that a felony has been committed. If so, an indictment is returned and filed with the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts, commencing formal criminal proceedings against the defendant.

Administrative and Presiding Judge Brendan Sheehan expressed his gratitude to the members of the outgoing grand juries for their diligence and dedication to the justice system.