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Commercial Docket Resumes

Commercial Docket Resumes

Cleveland:  Effective January 2, 2018, the Commercial Docket will be reinstated as a case designation option for cases filed with the General Division of the Common Pleas Court.  Please note that this option applies to only cases filed on or after this date and is not available for pending matters.

Additionally, when refiling cases, attorneys should review Ohio Supreme Court Rule of Superintendence 36 (D) which states:

In any instance where a previously filed and dismissed case is refiled, that case shall be reassigned to the judge originally assigned by lot to hear it unless, for good cause shown, that judge is precluded from hearing the case.

Judge Nancy A. Fuerst and Judge Joseph D. Russo will finish the three-year terms they were serving when the docket was disbanded in January of 2015.

Judge Cassandra Collier-Williams will officially begin the three-year term she was appointed to in late 2014. Judge Maureen Clancy will begin her three-year term after being selected and approved by the Bench. 

The Bench voted to end the Commercial Docket in 2015 after the Ohio Supreme Court changed the eligibility guidelines for judges to be on the docket. After revisions were made to the Rules of Superintendence by the Ohio Supreme Court, the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judges voted in September of this year to reinstate the docket in January of 2018.

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