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Bishop Observes Specialty Dockets

Bishop Observes Specialty Dockets

Cleveland Bishop Nelson J. Perez visited the Court on Thursday, September 27, to observe specialty dockets.

The Bishop was invited by Administrative Judge John J. Russo after the two met at a gathering several months earlier.

“I wanted the Bishop to see some of the programs we have that are designed to help people get past their problems,” said Judge Russo.

Bishop Perez spent the morning with Judge David Matia talking about Drug Court, then sat in during morning hearings for the docket.

In the afternoon, the Bishop sat in with the Veterans Treatment Court team for their meeting, and then for some of the hearing. Judge Russo presides over Veterans Treatment Court.

Bishop Perez was installed as the 11th Bishop of Cleveland on September 5, 2017.

Bishop Perez meeting in Chambers with Judge David Matia.

Bishop Perez with the Drug Court team.

Bishop Perez with the Veterans Treatment Court team and (top of page) attending the hearing in Judge John J. Russo's courtroom.